Brings together ICMR analytics engines to better understand Lloyd’s competitive landscape in performance, capitalisation and valuation

ICMR.Matrix is an “outside-in” capital transparency tool for the Lloyd’s market which brings together our unique mix of comparative Lloyd’s data and models, including our daily valuations of syndicate.

One example output from ICMR.Matrix splits syndicates by relative performance and relative capital efficiency. This segments the market into four quadrants.

Screenshot of sample output of ICMR.Matrix
Screenshot of sample output of ICMR.Matrix
  • Value Creators: Syndicates in the top right quadrant with consistently better performance who get credit for this with more efficient capital and consequent higher returns on capital, which in turn enhances their value
  • Preferred Security: Syndicates with better performance, but whose capital requirement is higher than expected, reducing return on capital but providing greater comfort to their assureds and reassureds
  • Growth Opportunities: Lower than median performing syndicates, who nonetheless have established more efficient capital requirements, allowing them the opportunity to focus on their more profitable lines of business without significantly altering their capital efficiency
  • Opportunistic Counterparties: Poorer performing syndicates whose capital reflects this, where all startups begin and from where, unless their strategy plots a journey into other quadrants, they will eventually fall into the run-off market

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