1  Introduction

This report has been commissioned by the LMA for its members from ICMR, an independent (re)insurance quantitative analysis company.

The report looks at Lloyd’s year end 2023 aggregate results in chapter 2, as well as the growth and performance by syndicate and major class of business in chapters 3 – 5. Chapter 6 and 7 focus on expenses and investment income, while chapter 8 adds a capital market perspective on value creation and valuation of syndicates, including a proxy equity index for Lloyd’s, if it were a listed publicly traded company.

The purpose of this report is to give the reader a deeper understanding of the drivers and trends underlying Lloyd’s performance, particularly with Lloyd’s record breaking pro-forma results announcement fresh in the memory.

The target audience is the C-suite of managing and members’ agencies, brokers and specialist advisors to Lloyd’s market practitioners and investors. The analysis and conclusions in the report are those of the LMA and ICMR and are not intended to be used as investment advice.

All Lloyd’s related data contained within this report has been gleaned from published financial statements of Lloyd’s and its constituent syndicates, as well as their respective notes to the accounts.

The reader’s attention is drawn to the Appendix which summarises how data has been used as well as the Disclaimer.

For attribution, please cite this work as:
Lloyd’s 2024 Insights Report. Lloyd’s Market Association and Insurance Capital Markets Research. 15 April 2024. Retrieved from https://insurancecapitalmarkets.com/lloydsmarket2024/

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